Photo by Peter Hurley

Photo by Peter Hurley

I’m Fadi Kelada and photography is my secret passion for more than 13 years during which I used to work as an office manager for my family business but finally I decided to jump ship to photography because it allowed me to be the person I want to be.

Making pictures is what makes me a better person and thus a better husband and father for my kids and that will always be my first priority. I like to embrace the challenges and failures I will encounter in this field knowing that MY PASSION will help me take the hits and keep me moving forward, something I’ve always missed in my previous job.


My Mission:

Since discovering my passion for photography I made many pictures for my friends and family but never had a decent picture of myself except the day I got married to my other half. Thus I know how it feels to be hesitant each time you post your own photo online for others to see, you are always worried about how others will think of your looks.

Therefore, I’ve decided that making GREAT PORTRAITS will be my mission. People not only want to look but also feel happy and confident while having their portraits made. To me it is not just something I love to do, it gives me the opportunity bring the best out in people, and that is what I love about photography.



Won 1st Place - Outstanding Achievement (Amateur Division) in Fine Art Category in 6th annual Black & White Spider Awards